The company has a long reputation for quality, performance and innovation. Quality of final product is determined with quality of raw material. In Akshar Spintex Pvt Ltd, we take watchful care in the selection of cotton (Sankar-6) and different cotton products.

There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing starting from raw cotton to finished yarn.

In conformance with industry norms worldwide, the company has established laboratory facilities at each unit, equipped with ultra-modern testing instruments.

Raw Cotton

Testing Instruments Make
Cotton Parameter HVT MAG
Moisture DigiMoist MAG

Cotton Yarn

Testing Instruments Make
Yarn Evenness UT-5 USTER
CSP ComboData MAG
Yarn Lea AutoWrap MAG
TPI CompuTwist MAG
Yarn Appearance AutoWinder MAG
Sliver Hank FibroBlock MAG